t h e  s q u a r e

international competition / honorable mention

the Square is a sanctuary of trust and caring. Within it, we all share equal rights and obligations. The main concept behind Square was to create a comfortable and adjustable space that can accommodate one, two, or even five people. The center of the cabin is a 4mx4m rectangle, which represents not only square in a geometric sense, but also square as a plaza. It can be loud and vibrant during the day when everything is open. It can also be calm and meditating when the only noise is from the birds above the roof window. Beds, sanitary space, and storage are all attached to the square. They can be completely open or closed to it.

All sleeping pods have a window that is oriented on a pine forest, a built-in nightstand with an outlet and reading light, a foldable work desk, and adjustable textile shutters. The lowest bed is suitable for a person with a disability or can be accompanied by another mattress for a couple. Top bunk beds can be lifted to the ceiling, so the space below can be used for different situations. Pods are spread all around the valley, providing intimacy and a zen state of mind.

As pine tree and eucalyptus plantations occupy most of the region, the facade is cladded in plywood and coated in black pine tar just like the traditional way of preserving wooden boats. The roof is coated in simple tar paper and has thin plywood eaves with integrated aluminum gutters, coated in black. Its dark exterior contrasts with its light wooden heart, which was left in the natural color of plywood. The interior is bright, airy, and uncluttered with only built-in furniture.

Above the central square is a sloped roof that has photovoltaic panels and collects rainwater. Because there are a lot of birds in the area, especially Kingfishers, Cetti´s Warblers, and the Moorhens, flat roofs provide water and food for the birds. Local vegetation that serves as food for the birds, such as heath, twisted heath, furze, fern, and cistus, is planted on the roof above the beds. It can also be harvested for the tea and serves as the insulation for the space beneath the roof. The sanitation space, which is mostly in the shadow during the day, has a birdbath on the roof. Birdbath also serves as the insulation for the space beneath the roof.