p r i v a t e  u t o p i a


A private utopia is a space that offers you shelter and the ability to hide when you feel vulnerable, the ability to play and jump when you are full
of energy, offers you space to rest when you are tired, and exposure when you feel confident. Private utopia allows you to live anywhere in the
world, on top of a mountain, in a forest, in an urban context, on a beach; in solitude, or the community.
The shape of the tube was chosen to obtain the most usable and complex for work, living, enjoyment, and storage in a minimum of
square meters. A private utopia is not just a functional dormitory, it is a space you want to stay in and you don’t feel cramped. Each corner of the
tube has functional and multipurpose qualities.

Modules 180 cm wide were inserted into a prefabricated reinforced concrete tube with a diameter of 6 m and a length of 9 m. The interior
space consists of 5 modules each 180 cm wide. The modules differ in function (work and living, sleeping and storage, sanitation, and cooking)
and materials. Each unit functions separately, but only by merging them are created unique spaces. The resulting spaces are of varying scale
and degree of intimacy. Introverted and extroverted spaces alternate. The units follow and adopt the circular shape of the tube, which creates
built-in interior elements for storage and living. The tube can be longer than the total length of the modules so there can be an outdoor
terrace in that space. If the family expands or there is simply a need for more space, one or more modules can easily be added. Additional
modules can be inserted between existing modules and form a series of variations.

The main material is plywood that has an ideal elasticity coefficient and bends towards the tube. There is thermal insulation between the
plywood and the concrete. Artificial lighting is mostly built-in LED lighting. Blackout curtain that hangs on two floors on a semicircular-shaped
the bar is used to darken the space. The materials, colors, lighting, and architecture create a relaxing ambiance with many open, semi-open, and
completely closed spaces. An important element in the space is planted bamboo that gives the space an additional atmosphere and intimacy.